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To be, by 2027, a leading institution in the areas of human development, pedagogical innovation and the development of creativity, ensuring the education of upstanding, free, autonomous citizens who are ready to face the challenges of adulthood.


We are an educational institution engaged in providing sound human and academic development.

Our students are characterized by intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, and the development of character strengths. We serve the Ecuadorian community with an international multilingual approach, supported by the College Board program.

“We educate from a different point of view.”


1. Start from the student's development level.
2. Ensure the creation of meaningful learning.
3. Learning to learn.
4. Modify knowledge schemas.
5. Students are actively engaged in their learning

We are Liceo
Campo Verde

valores vinculados al aprendizaje

We educate

To transcend.


Responsibility, ethics, honesty and transparency, as the highest level of commitment and professionalism.


Updating and continuing education, pedagogical research, and innovation.

Recognition of and respect for diversity to ensure equal learning opportunities.


Quality in processes to ensure the fulfillment of the organization's objectives with efficiency, effectiveness and relevance0.

Friendliness and courtesy: essential conditions in all human relationships.


Solidarity for a cordial coexistence through active, respectful, and effective participation in society



Foreign languages are on the rise as internationalization, as well as scientific and technological development, require students to acquire the tools to face the challenges of globalization.

Our students graduate with three languages:

  • Spanish (C2)*
  • English (Bilingual, B2-C1)*
  • French (Independent User B1-B2)

*Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

modelo pedagogico


We start from individuality and respect for diversity; therefore, the Campo Verde System is based on a student-centered model and collaborative groups that includes different methodologies.

In this conception, students are responsible for their learning process, they must seek information and interact with the contents of their course, develop a critical judgment and have the initiative to continuously learn what is essential to fulfill the educational intentions; students carry out activities with other classmates and among them they build learning experiences that enrich the contents and the development of skills such as the use of technologies, team work, discussion of ideas, synthesis, analysis and critical judgments, etc., Likewise, students carry out activities with members of the institutional community as well as outside of it that allow them to enrich their learning experiences, develop social skills and exercise their commitment to socio-environmental responsibility

Constructive learning implies that all student activities involve active cognitive processes.

These processes are creativity, problem solving, reasoning, decision making and assessment. Furthermore, students are intrinsically motivated to learn because of the meaningful nature of environmental learning and activities.

Individual strengths emotional development

  • Constructivist approach
  • Metacognition
  • Meaningful learning (prior knowledge and motivation)
  • Critical thinking
  • Divergent thinking (creativity)

Identity and culture

  • Historical and cultural approaches
  • Globalization: bilingualism
  • Research for dissemination
  • Effective communication model
liceo campoverde figura5

Leading role in the development of Ecuador and the world

  • Approaches: historical, cultural and constructivist
  • Collaborative learning
  • Spaces for social projection
  • Differentiation and inclusion strategies

Leading role in sustainable development

  • Social constructivist approach
  • Globalization and transversality
  • Project-based learning
  • Research
  • Problem solving
  • Tic's applied to education


Our Graduates’



Our Coexistence


Ministry approval of tuition costs

The parents of Liceo Campo Verde must settle the tuition payments during the first 5 days of each month according to the contract signed during the enrollment period.

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We employ technological tools from the second grade onwards; these include the use of effective and entertaining software (App) in the areas of mathematics, language, literature and English, including the following platforms:

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